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Collections are sets of primary data, resources, tools, and recursively collections.

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Description Relations
(hasPart primary data (corpus) sldr000717 Grindmill songs of Maharashtra)
(hasPart secondary data (resource) sldr000719 Annotations of Ambedkar corpus)
(hasPart secondary data (resource) sldr000735 Annotations of grindmill songs)
(hasPart primary data (corpus) sldr000759 गंगुबाई - Gangubai)
(hasPart primary data (corpus) sldr000011 अांबेडकर - Ambedkar)
(hasPart primary data (corpus) sldr000792 Trained singers corpus)
(hasPart primary data (corpus) sldr000774 Happy Birthday corpus)
hasPart primary data (corpus) ldc000756 Arabic Treebank : Part 2 v 3.1
hasPart primary data (corpus) ldc000826 Arabic Treebank : Part 1 v 4.1
hasPart primary data (corpus) ldc000827 Chinese Treebank 7.0
hasPart primary data (corpus) ldc000726 Treebank-3
hasPart primary data (corpus) ldc000730 Arabic Treebank : Part 3 v 3.2
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