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Conditions of use

Creating the record of a new item

  1. You must be registered as an individual in the SLDR/ORTOLANG repertory. This subscription is free and unconditional. Sign up or Login. Remember your login and your password. These will be asked for creating and modifying items.
  2. When submitting data to the SLDR site, you commit to respecting the terms of the producer's licence.
  3. The SLDR/ORTOLANG website allows you to record the description (i.e. metadata) of an item. However, uploading items is not possible. Please send files by email if they are not too large, or by postal mail on a physical support (DVD etc.).
  4. Follow our guidelines for the packaging of items you wish to upload..


  1. Each item is under the responsibility of a single creator/editor. The electronic addresses will be used to communicate with this person in charge. (We beg you to update these addresses.)
  2. A name and an electronic contact address (that may be distinct from those of the creator/editor of the item) will be required.
  3. A textual description (raw text with a few optional HTML tags) will be required. Specific titles and descriptions may be supplied for each of the navigation languages of this site.
  4. A few URLs of pages supplementing this description and/or allowing its remote downloading may be included with the item.
  5. One or a few reference publications may be attached to the item described on the record.
  6. Please specify the rights that you will grant to various categories of users with respect to downloading your deposit. Tools are distributed without restriction.
  7. Any new record is a submission. After its validation by an administrator it becomes visible on the site. Validation is performed by humans and will be notified by email to the producer or person in charge.
  8. After creating a record you will be able to insert confidential data.
  9. All items are protected by SLDR licence.

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