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99BEL, B.; GASQUET-CYRUS, M. (2011). Interdisciplinarity and the sharing of oral data open new perspectives to field linguistics. Actes, Colloque de l’AFLS : Regards nouveaux sur les liens entre théories, méthodes et données en linguistique française (2011 septembre 8-10 : Nancy, FRANCE)
Valjouffrey-Valbonnais (valjouffrey-000007)
Our laboratory is engaged in resource collection, analysis and theorizing (socio)linguistics with particular focus on links between experimental and field approaches. Two projects dealing with endangered languages on the border area of Provençal and Francoprovençal (Valjouffrey and Valbonnais, Isère) are addressing this issue. Their fieldwork builds on multichannel recordings and video coverage allowing accurate studies of interactions.
Dealing with large amounts of data beyond the scope of projects is justified by their sharing in medium-term and long-term archives hosted by the Speech & Language Data Repository (SLDR, http://sldr.org). Resource pooling contributes to mobilizing amateurs and professionals handing over unpublished data for its preservation and non-commercial distribution. This phenomenon empowered our informants who became members of the team in full right, setting new priorities on the research agenda : the design of a script for their revitalized language and an inventory of place names that delineate their living space.