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25ROLLAND, G. Automatic stylisation of the fundamental frequency F0 using MOMEL. Documentation and translation into a Praat script. ICP - november 2000
MOMEL (sldr000031)
The Praat script for MOMEL (MELodic MOdelisation), an algorithm proposed in 1991 by Daniel Hirst and Robert Espesser from the Institut de Phonétique d'Aix, gives a representation of the melodic curve, which characterises the temporal variations of the laryngeal frequency, by the way of a quadratic spline function.
F0 variations can be considered as the superposition of two phenomena : the macroprosodic effects which can be considered as the elocution intonative choice, and microprosodic effects, which are linked to the phonetic constituents of the sentence. The macroprosody allows to apply a global approach of the melodic curve when the microprosody gives local variations. It is often the case with consonants like [f], [s], [ch] that are most of the time unvoiced. For this reason, the F0 curve will reach discontinuities with such consonants.