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96BIGI, B.; MEUNIER, C.; NESTERENKO, I.; BERTRAND, R. (2010). Automatic Detection of Syllable Boundaries in Spontaneous Speech. Proceedings of the Seventh conference on International Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC\'10).
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This paper presents the outline and performance of an automatic syllable boundary detection system. The syllabification of phonemes is performed with a rule-based system, implemented in a Java program. Phonemes are categorized into 6 classes. A set of specific rules are developed and categorized as general rules which can be applied in all cases, and exception rules which are applied in some specific situations. These rules deal with a French spontaneous speech corpus. Moreover, the proposed phonemes, classes and rules are listed in an external configuration file of the tool (under GPL licence) that make the tool very easy to adapt to a specific corpus by adding or modifying rules, phoneme encoding or phoneme classes, by the use of a new configuration file. Finally, performances are evaluated and compared to 3 other French syllabification systems and show significant improvements. Automatic system output and expert\'s syllabification are in agreement for most of syllable boundaries in our corpus.
95BLACHE, P.; BERTRAND, R.; BIGI, B. et al. (2010). Multimodal annotation of conversational data. Proceedings of the Fourth Linguistic Annotation Workshop.
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We propose in this paper a broad-coverage approach for multimodal annotation of conversational data. Large annotation projects addressing the question of multimodal annotation bring together many different kinds of information from different domains, with different levels of granularity. We present in this paper the first results of the OTIM project aiming at developing conventions and tools for multimodal annotation.
104Wlodarczak, Simko, Wagner (2012). Temporal entrainment in overlapped speech: Cross-linguistic study. Interspeech 2012.Secondary data (resource)
Transcriptions of CID (sldr000720)
In a previous paper we investigated how onsets of overlapped speech in
English are timed with respect to syllable boundaries of the current
speaker. Overlap initiations were found to be more frequent around
syllable boundaries than at other locations within the syllable. In
this paper we extend the previous analysis by reporting on results
from two other corpora in two different languages (French and German).
We found similar trends in all three datasets with an increased
likelihood of an overlap initiation shortly before vowel onsets in the
interlocutor\'s speech.